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Through the success of acts like BTS and BLACKPINK, Korean artists have been expanding to global markets. The K-pop industry is also growing rapidly, with more than half of the sales of major K-pop entertainment agencies happening overseas. Such global appeal has reached a point to where artists with a K-pop style are being developed even in regions outside of South Korea.

However, the K-pop entertainment industry market is still closed, and information asymmetry is high. Therefore, people coming from outside of Korea who want to get a job related to K-pop suffer from lack access to certain information. Even if they have a hard time getting into the entertainment industry, there is no way to strengthen their job competence except by learning from experience. Yet, this presented a problem as no entertainment agencies had even a basic system to foster executives and employees.

We felt that in order to continue to grow the industry, the growth and support of people who are essential to this industry as well as those who want to be in it must be supported. So, we created a community where we could provide them with the information they needed, communicate with each other, and share information. Starting with this movement, a company called Conexus Lab was born.

How to work in the K-pop industry as a foreigner

: Ex-HYBE HR manager

With many companies expanding their businesses overseas, an increasing number of opportunities are now open to foreigners, says Lee Sang-hwan, co-founder and CEO of Conexus Lab, which was founded in 2019 to provide educational resources for those seeking jobs in the lucrative K-pop industry.

Foreign Interviews Joined

Krean Entertainment Company

This is an interview video with a foreign who got accepted to a Korean entertainment company while studying in Korea. She has completed the education and consulting program of the Conexus Lab.

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